Attendance Policy

Because of the volume of projects we do and the trust our customer place in us, our attendance policy is firm and there are no exceptions.


A no call/no show for 24 hours will be considered job abandonment and will result in automatic terminaiton without the benefit out unemployment compensation unless you can prove extenuating circumstances.  All reinstatement will be at the sole discretion of the ECC.


Call offs whether as a result of illness, injury, family emergency, transportation issues, household emergencies or the like are considered unscheduled time off.  If you decide to call off, you must make direct contact with your supervisor at least 30 minutes prior to your designated start time so that we have time to rearrange our crews and cover all work for the day. 

The definition of direct contact is a live phone conversation.  NOT A TEXT OR AN EMAIL.  If your supervisor does not immediately answer you must text and/or email, however if he calls you back you must pick up the phone and/or try calling him back.  If he attempts to call you back and you do not answer, then there is no direct contact via a live phone conversation.  If there is no direct contact, it will result in a forfeit one day of paid time off in addition to receiving no pay for the day

Missing Consecutive Multiple Days

If you miss 3 or more consecutive workdays, you will need either Proof of Physician’s Care or Proof of Circumstance when you return.  If this is not provided you will forfeit the same number of days of paid time off (PTO).

Missing Days Before or After A Paid Holiday

If you miss the day before or the day after a paid holiday, you will forfeit your holiday pay for that holiday.

Showing Up Late/Tardiness

If you show up in excess of 15 minutes late, it will be considered an absence and you will forfiet the reliabilty bonus for that month.

Scheduled Time Off

All scheduled time off whether it be for vacation, doctors appointments, court dates or the like, must be requested at least 3 weeks in advance by using your mobile ADP Time & Attendance App

Mentioning it to your direct supervisor or anyone else does not constitute proper notification.  If proper notification is not given, then paid time off (PTO) will not be allowed to be used for the absence.  In addition, all requests for scheduled time off must be approved by your direct supervisor.  If not approved due to workload or other factors, you will not be able to schedule the time off.  If you schedule it anyway, it will be considered an unapproved absence and you will not be able to use paid time off (PTO) will not be allowed to be used for the absence.