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Trusted Quality Concrete Floor Coatings for Dog Kennel

If you’re an owner or a manager of a dog kennel or pet facility, you need to ensure the health and safety of your customers’ pets. You already have so many things to look after, so you need to have a facility that makes your life easier. It begins with maintaining high-quality, seamless, and safe flooring. At Encore Concrete Coatings, we understand how important it is for you to keep your dog kennel clean and functional for your animals. With our finest floor coatings, you can make your animal facility stand apart from others!

Customized Concrete Floor Coating Options

As a leading concrete coating services provider in the industry, we offer a broad range of concrete floor coatings. From epoxy to polyurea, urethane to polyaspartic, and many others, we have it all for you. We can even customize the commercial concrete coatings for dog kennels according to your specific needs and budget.

We work with you to evaluate your facility’s flooring condition and recommend the most suitable coating system. This ensures that your facility gets the right coating that creates a safe, clean, and beautiful environment for the clients and pets while preventing contamination and mold growth.

At Encore Concrete Coatings, we provide various designs, styles, patterns, and color options for your commercial kennel facility. You can make your floor surface gleaming, stain and slip-free, and easy-to-clean and maintain with our coating system. Moreover, our durable and functional floor coatings add warmth and personalization to your dog kennel.

Outdoor and Indoor Dog Kennel Floor Coatings

Encore Concrete Coatings provide you with robust and high-performing floor coating systems that help you give a clean and professional look to your commercial dog kennel. Whether your indoor flooring needs revamp or you want to improve the appearance and safety of your outdoor flooring, we have the solution for all types of spaces. You can confidently trust our knowledge and expertise to maintain a secure and healthy environment for pets.

Why Choose Our Dog Kennel Floor Coatings?

Application over Existing Concrete Coating

Most of the commercial facilities have a concrete coating. Over time, a high volume of traffic and long-term use results in wear and tear, cracks or crevices in flooring. However, you don’t need to reinstall a new floor. Our floor coating systems can serve the purpose. We can apply the selected coating system over your existing floor without the need for intensive work or lots of materials.

Beautiful and Durable

Our floor coating system not just fills in the cracks and crevices but also gives a beautiful and durable finish to your flooring. Plus, it is scratch and slip-resistant and does not crack or chip due to heavy loads or traffic.

Easy to Maintain Hygiene

Concrete flooring is porous and can soak dog urine or spills. This can result in a permanent unpleasant odor and provides room for the growth of germs and bacteria. When you have floor coating applied to your concrete floor, it creates a waterproof barrier on the top. This prevents the soaking of liquids, and you can easily mop and maintain a hygienic environment.

Pet-Friendly and Colorful

We provide you a pet-friendly and colorful floor coating that makes your dog kennel’s environment secure and fun. You can customize our highly practical floor coatings in your choice of colors, patterns, and styles to create exciting and playful designs.

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