Work Gear & Apparel

ECC will provide a $200 annual allowance for the purchase of
required work gear and apperal.

How It Works

We will reimburse each employee for up to $200 annually spent on work gear and apperal upon submisison of purchase receipt.  Work gear includes pants, outerwear and boots. Employees are required to where Charcoal Gray pants (long or short) purchased from our official supplier.

Hats, tee shirts and hoodies will be available through ECC by submitting the request form below.

Work Pants, Jackets, Boots and Outerwear

Blain’s Farm and Fleet is the official supplier of ECC work apparl and gear.

Nearest Location:
629 S Randall Rd, Elgin, IL 60123

Click on map for directions:

Hats, Tees and Hoodies

We are our own official supplier of ECC hats, tees and hoodies.  To order complete the order form and once submitted we will deliver your products to you within 48 hours.

Complete Form to Submit Apparel Request